• Decrease Smear - Increase Resolution
  • Uninterrupted Cable Flux Field
  • Controls Resonance
  • Unequaled Performance Design
  • Low Contact Surface Area
  • Stable Four Point Design
  • Two Cable Support Capability
  • Extremely Low Dielectric Constant
  • Low Capacitance to Ground Test Results
  • Exceedingly Low Insertion Capacitance
  • Accepts Cables to 1.4" - 37mm
  • 4.5"/11.5cm Tall - 3.5"/9.0cm Wide
  • State of the Art CNC Machined Acrylic
  • Made in USA
  • US PATENT #D565,389
  • Available in Black or Clear


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An email we received...

Hello Daniel... So far, I have to say that I'm really impressed. These bloody devices are already better than my old ceramic lifts, and I haven't fully implemented the long cable run with them yet. Sturdy, sure-footed, and providing an improvement in the sound to boot. I have them in place with the Wavac HE-833 v1.3's right now, with an EMM Labs CDSD/DAC6 SACD front end. Damned glorious sound, my friend...right now, it's Janos Starker on Mercury SACD doing Bach. What could be better? ;-) Hope this answers your question! All the best, David

David W. Robinson  - Editor-in-Chief, Positive Feedback Magazine Online 


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